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Kog Karts

"Kog Karts" is an arcade race in steampunk style with an original, exciting storyline and action elements.

The game features eight-game tracks, in which the player will compete with other riders in several game modes. The race takes place on slums, industrial mine tracks, dams, countryside landscapes, and in the city center of the Capital, which was a fiction of world riders created with Unreal Engine.

In "Kog Karts" the player can learn from a series of bizarre vehicles, which can be improved more than twenty different ways, and the purchase of super weapons will significantly increase the chances of success in any race!

And also, do not forget about the obstacles on the game tracks. Be careful on the tracks in the Capital, crowded with dangerous flying saucers, huge hammers, deadly gears, electric saws and all kinds of danger.


- 8 locations developed in steampunk style;
- Unique characters for each location;
- More than 20 varieties of improvements for each machine;
- Super weapons for every taste;
- 4 game modes.