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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

BWF together with 505 Games worked on porting the game "Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons" to mobile devices.

The game is the embodiment of the ideas of the famous Swedish film director Josef Fares. The original game was released on the PlayStation in late 2013 and received more than 50 different awards, including the Game of the Year.

This is a touching story about two brothers who went on an exciting journey to find a medicine for their father. A unique feature of the game is the need to simultaneously manage both brothers.

The game is permeated with motifs of Scandinavian mythology, accompanied by excellent graphics,  high-quality animation and wonderful music.

The game was ported to iOS and Android mobile platforms. The release took place on October 22, 2015.

During the process of development, the team of our developers encountered many problems, which were successfully solved in the end. Thus, a new system of dynamic scene illumination was created, an intuitive system for interacting with the environment and adapting quite complex control for mobile devices.