Our award-winning psychological thriller brings puzzles and mysteries to life leveraging the power of Unreal.

  • Apple AppStore Editor’s Choice Award
  • Featured 2x in Best New Games
  • Reached #3 in IOS AppStore Top Paid Chart

We’ve also recently gone back to our original episodes to deliver visual and gameplay enhancements in preparation for the much anticipated Episode 4, currently available on IOS and soon to be released on Google Play.

“In Fear I Trust isn’t just a game title, it’s a directive”

– Kotaku


- Who we are -


Turn Me Up Games, Inc. is a video game development studio comprised of entertainment industry professionals with years of experience producing immersive original titles for Console, PC, and Mobile platforms.

Our business model is simple—utilize our experienced Eastern European development team at a substantially reduced cost from stateside development, while relying on a talented Burbank, CA team of producers, directors, writers, and designers to lead the process; ensuring the final product exceeds the elevated standards of a contemporary North American market.

While cost is an important factor, Turn Me Up Games was founded with the goal of bringing creative new properties to a market over-saturated with remakes and reboots. In the last 5 years we’ve released 4 original games and 8 licensed products, while servicing such licenses and clients as McDonalds, Toys’R’Us, LEGO, War Gaming, and 505 Games.

With a proven track record and established production prowess, Turn Me Up continues in the pursuit to elevate digital entertainment with everything we do. And the most exciting things are yet to come; so stay tuned!


Our intent is to make impactful games that introduce compelling fictional worlds and experiences that capture a player’s imagination, and mindshare when they’ve stepped away.

Our goal is to utilize the best techniques available in every storytelling medium to create experiences that resonate with players long after the game is turned off; entertainment that delves into timeless settings with engaging characters, presenting intuitive interfaces that allow audiences to interact and communicate in ways that are both comfortably familiar and excitingly unprecedented.


- How to get at us -

Turn Me Up Games is located in sunny Burbank, California. Positioned perfectly in the Downtown Burbank District, Turn Me Up is at the heart of the entertainment industry and just around the block from all the major film studios, downtown L.A., and SoCal's beautiful beaches.


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